Alright… I’m not hard up into making resolutions each year, but after being inspired by The Rebel Mama Resolutions, I’ve jotted down some general notes of improvement (and scheduled a reminder into my phone to read this once a week for the rest of the year – or until they become habits… )


So here we go, in 2016 I will –

  • Be confident in who I am and who I want to be.
  • Listen closely to my inside voice and follow its lead.
  • Pay attention to the universe and its words.
  • Quiet my mind once a day through meditation.
  • Accept, forgive and grow from each challenge.
  • Reflect often.
  • Spend more undistracted time with my child. (bye IG)
  • Push myself and my passions.
  • Drink water. By itself.
  • If all else fails, drinks water. Frozen water. Surrounded by vodka.

Cheers to a beautiful year and doing everything with love. At least trying to. Hope you will join me on the journey! x A





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