Rebel Mama // Side by Side

There’s two sides to a Rebel Mama ~ The Mother: full time problem solver, constant source of comfort, sleepless warrior. And the Rebel: Always true to her own self and constantly aspiring to create.. to grow.. to learn. She pushes herself forward and lifts up those around her.


In my new photo project (that I am forcing myself to make time for) I will photograph fellow rebel mamas living in two places at once. My goal is to one day show them side by side in some kick ass gallery (for the wine alone). Or at the very least, print them for the ladies who inspire me every day.

DSC_1053 DSC_0988

Dear Kelly –

Thank you for being so open, and on a last minute creative whim, my first subject.

You’re a balanced soul that I look to as guidance to regulate my own life. Balance (in motherhood, life and work) is tough and you remind me to quiet my mind every day and be present in life. To focus and be still in a very hurried world.
I have no doubt Charley will have a good head on her (relaxed) shoulders.







Lastly, I asked Kelly what being a Rebel Mama means to her.
“As we all know, being a first time mom can be an overwhelming and emotional time. Being a part of the Rebel Mama community is so special because these are women who are doing their best to be well rounded and balanced (a life long search!) in the world of mommy hood and well, everything else us women do.
It’s a hilarious and feel good community full of fun and strong women who build each other up, who can laugh at their parental “mistakes” and refrain from judgment (because we all know that not one of us has all the answers!).”

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