Flying Solo

A little something I threw together on a flight. Because I had time.

Let me start off by saying that I’m a big advocate of travelling with your kids and exposing them to the world. After all, it’s one of the best ways to gain perspective.

But, as I adjust my cushy seat and sip on my wine in a flight to London (not Ontario…) I assure you that travelling sans bebe is a good kind of healthy.


For starters, I haven’t moved in two hours. And I ate a FULL meal, watched a foreign movie WITH subtitles, and read TWO articles in one of the three magazines I plan to sift through. Insane.

What I would have otherwise been doing is likely chasing my toddler down the aisle and apologizing to everyone along the way.

So here we are – embarking on a short, yet marvellous trip to see the Queen (otherwise known as one of our very best friends Morgan) and his family. I plan to wine, dine and enjoy this time.

*Disclaimer: Don’t kid yourselves – I started missing him in the cab on the way to the airport and have zoomed in on his angel face on my phone about five times now.

But for now, I’ll enjoy this blissful getaway with hubby and the adult time it will grant us. Cheers to overpriced restaurants, late nights, and no noodles on the floor to clean up.

Below – some quick phone snaps from London – real ones are coming.
When I have time to download them… #backtoreality 

Just a typically beautiful, quiet street in Kensignton. 

A pot of sunflowers on a cafe patio. Because eating on cold patios here is so chic obv.

An Ai WeiWei installation at the Royal Academy of Art.

The bar at the New Hoxton Hotel in Holborn.

The Caviar House Seafood Bar at Harrod’s. 

Pretty little English things at Portobello Market.

unnamed (36)
Heading up to the bathroom pods at Sketch. 

I promise to add a Full List of To Do’s to this post as well in the case you’d like to follow in our fancy footsteps.
Just mind the gap darling.


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