I couldn’t have said it better than my #REBELMAMA sista does.
Read on to see why having kids IS cool. SWEAR. *pours wine*


I have to be honest with you guys… Sometimes having a kid (or multiple kids, I’d imagine) blows.  Yeah I said it.  There are mornings when you look at your clock and the numbers 5:30 stare back at you, mockingly saying, “hey, you signed up for this” – which makes you wish for a brief moment that you could go back in time and read the fine print on the baby contract before agreeing to be responsible for another human’s well being for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. There are days when $6 organic strawberries get launched at your crisp white walls and you just sit there pondering the irony in the fact that the thing that’s capable of annoying you the most is the thing that YOU created.  You get pinched repeatedly, your entire wardrobe has at some point been used as a tissue for a runny nose…

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