Don’t Cry Over Spilled Café

Attention Coffee & Art Aficionado’s!

Just recently fell upon the instagram account of artist Giulia Bernardelli who magically transforms coffee spills into majestic works of art. And it doesn’t stop there. This creative mind sees beauty and potential in all sorts of kitchen ingredients… such as spices, nutella and icecream.

But I’ll just let her work speak for itself.
(Follow @bernulia)

tumblr_nrouik76UD1ub7x3go1_1280 tumblr_noaqhkO4EQ1r3y74po5_1280


tumblr_noaqhkO4EQ1r3y74po3_1280 tumblr_noaqhkO4EQ1r3y74po2_1280


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