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Last week, one of my dear friends Ariane Laezza opened a beautiful shop in downtown Toronto full of exquisite soaps, lotions, potions and lovely gifts.

But Trinitae is more than just a skincare boutique. Its Jordanian-based products combine cleansing salt and smoothing mud right from the Dead Sea and use extracts from herbs & fruits of the Jordan Valley.

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“My skin is so important to me, so I would never cleanse my body with harmful chemicals,” says Laezza, who has been a fashion model for over a decade. “I spent time in Jordan, exploring the production process of both Nabulsi (an all natural Olive Oil based soap) and Trinitae products where I learned just how much thought and detail goes into every single item. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to create these beautiful products that feel amazing on the skin.”


All this makes 254 Niagara Street a rare gem in the city, and a must for anyone (you too guys) who loves themselves – and their skin.

** And just in time for the Holiday Season, you can grab some Nabulsi Natural Soap at Holt Renfrew as part of the H Gifts Project.



Below, Ariane tells us all about this new venture & the lovely treasures at Trinitae.

What is Trinitae all about?

Trinitae is about pampering yourself. It’s about taking time out of your busy schedule, even just for a moment, to quiet down, be in the moment and calm the senses. Our name, Trinitae, is about the balance between body, mind and soul – which also goes beyond skincare alone and includes overall health and wellness; both spiritual and physical. Our motto is “Love Yourself First” because we believe taking care of yourself is an important step in also being kind to others. 


How did you come to work with Trinitae and open its first retail store in Canada?

My business partner, Hisham Masri, and I had set out to introduce Nabulsi Soap – a traditionally hand-made olive oil soap – to the North American market and founded our company Nubi Trading Co. He later introduced me to Dina and Ghassan Azar, the owners of Trinitae based out of Amman, Jordan. We had discussed the possibility of opening up a store in Toronto but in all honesty I was hesitant about pursuing that aspect of our business. Then I was sent one of the most beautiful gift boxes I had ever received, full of Trinitae products  and was intrigued. They invited me to spend some time in Jordan and explore the Trinitae brand, and as soon as I set foot in their beautifully charming Rainbow Street shop in old Amman I knew this was something we had to pursue. This week we opened our first North American flagship store at Queen and Niagara.


What makes Trinitae different from other skincare available in Toronto?

We’ve seen a surge of skincare boutiques open up in the city over the last few years, particularly those that focus on natural ingredients and products with an artisanal aspect. Trinitae definitely falls into those categories as we focus on natural, non-toxic ingredients that are paraben and sulfate free and none of our products contain artificial scents or colours. Our Nabulsi Soap is part of one of the oldest soap-making traditions in the world and continues to be hand-made as it has for centuries. However, we are definitely not about trends here at Trinitae. We feel strongly that the quality of your ingredients should stand the test of time and we proudly stand behind all of our products that make it to the shelves.

What sets us apart from other lines here is that our products are enhanced with Dead Sea minerals and extracts from plants and herbs of Jordan’s Fertile Crescent. Jordan is a country that I sort of accidentally fell in love with and was warmly introduced to the most beautiful aspects of its culture; including the food, music, history, natural resources and skincare. There is no way of describing the way your skin feels after using Dead Sea salt and mud on your skin – but if you’ve tried it then you know how amazing and restorative they can be. Our Nabulsi Soap is made of 100% pure olive oil and if you have sensitive skin then this bar will become your best friend; t’s creamy and luscious and perfectly rustic.  At Trinitae, we also strongly place our focus on gifting. We build beautiful, custom gift boxes for both men and women of all ages that I just haven’t seen being done here as much as in the past and I want to bring that back.



What are your Top 5 Trinitae Must Haves and why?

This is tough because I’m obsessed with all of our products BUT you absolutely have to try our Original Body Lotion ($21). Its base notes are Vanilla, Lavender and Patchouli and it’s one of my absolute favourite scents. Trinitae’s owners started off in the perfume industry and this reflects fully in all of the subtle aromas. You also can’t leave our shop without buying either our Aromatherapy Body Loofah ($14) or Foot Loofah ($7). They come in Lavender, Herbal Citrus and Sweet Orange (and they’re all delicious). Our Aloe Vera Dead Sea Mud Mask ($26) is also a great buy for those cold, rainy nights when all you want to do is stay in, take a bath and watch Netflix (men too). It will make you feel like you’re near the Dead Sea even without that warm, salty sea breeze. And lastly, our Mineral Dead Sea Scrub in Citrus ($18) is necessary next to the bathtub. The next bad day you have, you’ll thank me!


What are your Top 3 Ultimate Christmas Gifts?

We have gift boxes that range from $40-$200+ so it’s hard to say… I love finding out who someone is buying for or what the occasion is and then deciding what to suggest. We have Dead Sea Salt Crystals with Rose petals and natural Rose scent that is a beauty of a product. If a husband is ever stuck on what to buy his lady then this is it. I would pair that with our Aromatherapy Massage Oil in Lavender ($34) and our Original Foot Cream ($18). Throw in our naturally scented Vanilla Aromatherapy Soap ($11) and you win brownie points for a very, very long time.



Whats your favorite part of being involved with this brand?

I love being creative, I love beautiful designs and I’ve always been particularly drawn to aromatherapy. Working with Trinitae allows me to be immersed in all of these things and I am grateful for that.


Finally, what is your personal indulgence from Trinitae and why?

I’ve already mentioned how much I love our Original Body Lotion but my true indulgence is our Soothing Eye Serum with Green Tea ($64). I use it every night before bed and it has this refreshing, cooling effect that is relaxing after a long day. I should mention that I have extremely sensitive skin and this product doesn’t irritate my eyes as some other eye serums I’ve used in the past have. It’s definitely my guilty pleasure that I’m happy to pass on to others!





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