things you can learn from a 6 month old man


Persistence is a powerful tool when used relentlessly.

There are things worth losing sleep over,
and things worth sleeping through.

Getting excited about a new day (every day) sets the tone for life.

If you don’t like it, toss it.
Preferably at the person who gave it to you.


Seize opportunity and grab what you desire.
Like someone else’s beer.

Solitary moments of deep reflection are necessary.
Especially in the line at the grocery store.

Don’t knock it till you try (to eat) it.

Be selective with who you let into your personal space.


People watching is an art in itself. The key is not to blink.

When you fall, pick yourself back up and start over. 

Talking to yourself is a sure bet at an interesting conversation.


Have people entertain you endlessly whenever possible.

Subtle flirting can really get you places.

Do not underestimate boobs.
They are capable of mending epic catastrophes.


Defeat people by breaking them down mentally.

Sharing is only ok when you’re done with it yourself.

When all else fails, bust out the sob story.

Peeing in the bath is just plain efficient.

Never leave a penis unattended.




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