la grande bellezza

The Great Beauty aka La Grande Bellezza film still

Besides the irrefutable glory of Italian design, fashion, music, food, wine and women (the list is long) – there’s Italian Film.

The film opens with a quote from Journey to the End of The Night:
“To travel is very useful, it makes the imagination work, the rest is just delusion and pain. Our journey is entirely imaginary, which is its strength.”

Directed & CoWritten by Paolo Sorrentino, this beautifully cinematographic movie captures the Italian high life and all it’s glory; indulgent, elegant, and charmingly authentic. The film follows main character 65 year old famed novelist Jep Gambardella (Toni Servillo) as he reflects on his life with unique wit and philosophy.

I strongly recommend you hop on iTunes, do yourself a favour and rent this.* Note if you’re in Canada, you’ll need a US acct. because noone loves us.


The Great Beauty is an utterly ravishing portrait of listless luxuriance, a fantasy of decadent wealth and beauty that evokes Fellini’s La Dolce Vita by way of Baz Luhrmann.
– Geoff Pevere, Globe & Mail 


ALSO – I guarantee this Bob Sinclar track from the soundtrack will be stuck in your head for days if not WEEKS. It literally played in my  head WHILE I slept…



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  1. will definitely need to check it out! Geoff used to write for the other site i write for, his taste in movies is impeccable. great piece! xx

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