a blessing for all.

i’m pretty sure sometime in the last two weeks you’ve caught wind of THE SAINT.

be sure that if you haven’t been yet, i will force you to go (not that it would be terribly difficult to twist the arms of those who enjoy great food, great drinks and a comfy atmosphere).

i’m going to go ahead and say that this will easily become a sunday night dinner table. ok and a monday morning brunch/meeting/tsn-highlight spot too. and that’s saying a lot seeing as it’s on the opposite end of the city for me.

why the love? well the boys that originally opened and ran BRASSAII (back in the day when it was actually special in our hearts) are all back together at The Saint, and it feels like a family reunion. these are the same people that brought you BUCA and JACOBS & CO. in case you had any doubt.

and the food? comfort on a plate.

this is a place that begs you to leave the clutter behind and enjoy the art of conversation. 

thanks to chris, gus, peter, adam, and the whole fam for bringing us all back together in a modern day tavern.

photos via http://www.torontolife.com

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