caving in.

who else better than Alex Arcese to understand the
essential components needed for a proper hang out at home.

we finally got our entertainment unit installed, and it completely changed everything about the room and made it into the ultimate hang out spot.
and what else do you really desire when you return home but to sit back and feel relaxed.

that and of course it doubles as the perfect place to have a few friends over
for hockey night or pre drinks to a party. a perfect social gathering hub.

what makes the work of ALX different from the rest?
(and i’m not being biased because he’s my bro, the work speaks for itself)…

he thinks of EVERYTHING.
how to hide wires, how to custom fit the couch, how to create storage space, and with his attention to detail, tie everything together so it looks simple, easy, and modern.
unconventionally designed, this unit was installed on the same wall as the couch, as it projects tv onto a white wall.

entirely made of walnut, this 20 foot unit is an art piece all its own.
not to mention a new addition to mossy’s playground.

to tie everything in, alex refinished our 1960s coffee table and lowered it to suit the new space.
and just to be absolutely sure everything was perfect, he even removed the legs from the sofa
and replaced them with wood block to keep everything complimentary.

i’ve become utterly obsessive over this area.
not joking.

and the best part of it all?
this little guy.

alex’s self made remote control that opens and closes the unit.
because laziness is an integral part to any chill cave.

last step, we will be adding pendant lights to the left side at which point
i will officially lock myself in and begin winter hibernation.
1 905 564 6082


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    I can’t wait to come over and see it in person!

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