that shit cray.

so i throned it up last night, and went to the
Jay-Z / Kanye
show at the ACC [Toronto].

notes / thoughts / ramblings
(and some Blackberry pics – don’t judge the quality).

overall the show was effen awesome, but a huge part of that can directly be attributed to Jigga himself. don’t get me wrong, I can bounce around with the best of them to a Kanye track… but it was nothing like the stage presence Jay had and how he had the ability to convert the stadium into a worship centre every time he got on.

some memorable moments included the back and forth sway session between Jay Z and the fans to “Nigga What, Nigga Who”, the chanting of “Izzo” which had the crowd explode drunken madness, “Runaway” which was the only Kanye song that I can legitimately get into, and of course “Big Pimpin” and “99 Problems” which had everyone rapping along like a BET video.

they finished off with “Niggas in Paris” which was the perfect anthem to top off a crazy show and induced people with that party energy to go out and continue… well… getting smashed. the boys then went off to the Thompson Hotel Rooftop to have their afterparty.

noone opened for them, so if you’re going tonight… don’t show up at 7:30pm pumped up and ready to go.
hit Real Sports first (like we did) and get your drink & chicken wang on.

sidenote – i want the black NY snakeskin cap Jay-Z had.
but i’ll pass on the Kanye skirts.


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