here we go magic.

ok i’m fully aware that i’ve been on what seems like a music bender this week…
but it’s not my fault i keep running into solid music!!!

last night my dear friend nadia (who reviews indie bands for tore my lazy playoff infused butt off the couch at the last minute to come check out a band playing at the horseshoe on queen west.

and you know if it’s at the horseshoe – it’ll be legit.

the band was called HERE WE GO MAGIC
and i would describe it as arcade fire-broken social scene-melodic- quirky-coachella music.

(and they were at this years Coachella festival too, so there’s some insta-cred right there)

check out some tunes:

little bit about the band:

“Here We Go Magic” began in an upstate New York farm house upon the commencement of their critically-acclaimed sophomore LP Pigeons.
The band’s signature mix of swirling guitars, krautrock grooves, pulsing synths, and hushed chants provide a foundation for these otherworldly songs.

and if you’re a music fan, check out nadia’s reviews… she’s got a great ear and is a wealth
of information when it comes to new bands, music, artists and all the stories that go with them.


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