last night it was date night, and my girl kate suggested we check out a new resto called “woodlot” on palmerston & college (formerly octapus lounge).

first off, i love that the space has insta-warmth when you walk in… just begging you to take your time over a bottle of wine and a good conversation. the upper level lends itself nicely to small candlelit tables, that overlook the main level’s wood burning oven, cutesy kitchen, and communal table.

the service: incredible. the ambiance: perfect.

let’s just say the uber deep life talk we were having was interruped by “oooohh’s” and other such orgasmic sounds as we ate the wild boar papardelle pasta (which was like eating something entirely from another world).

but guess what, woodlot also has a full vegetarian menu (in case you aren’t a full on carnivore like kate and myself..) ANNND it’s also a bakery by day. well that’s just dandy.

these days its all bout real food. good food. comfort food.
and that’s exactly what you’ll get here. fresh ingredients and a magical way of putting them together.



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