♥ happy heart ♥

still thinking of spots to take your valentine come monday?
here are some yummy, unique, and impressive restos + bars that you can count on to seal the love

Ame: http://www.amecuisine.com

Archeo: http://www.archeo.ca

Biagio Restaurant: King & Jarvis

Black Hoof: Dundas & Bellwoods

Boehmer: http://www.boehmer.ca

Buca: http://www.buca.ca

Charlie’s Gallery: Harbord & Spadina

Earth: http://www.globeearth.ca

Enoteca Sociale: http://www.sociale.ca

Fabricca: http://www.fabbrica.ca

Foxely: http://www.foxleybistro.com

Fuzion: http://www.fuzionexperience.com

Grace: http://www.gracerestaurant.ca

Guu: http://www.guu-izakaya.com

Jacobs & Co.: http://www.jacobssteakhouse.com

KiWe: http://www.kiwekitchen.com

La Pallette: http://www.lapalette.ca

Lee: http://www.susur.com/lee

Lolita’s Lust: http://www.lolitaslust.ca

Marben: http://www.marbenrestaurant.com

Oro: http://www.ororestaurant.com

Paese Ristorante: http://www.paeseristorante.com

Paramour: Ossington

Piccolo Ristorante: Yonge & Birch

Riva Supper Lounge: http://www.rivasupperlounge.com

Salt Wine Bar: http://www.saltrestaurant.ca

Scarpetta: http://www.thompsonhotels.com

Soma Chocolate Bar: http://www.somachocolate.com

Sotto Voce: College & Clinton

Souz Dal: http://www.souzdal.com

Spendido: http://www.splendido.ca

Spuntini’s: http://www.spuntini.ca

Sugo Trattoria: http://www.sugotrattoria.ca

Table 17: http://www.table17.ca

Tappo Wine Bar & Restaurant: http://www.tappo.ca

The Boiler House: http://www.boilerhouse.ca

Tomi-Kro: Queen & Leslie

Union 72: http://www.union72.ca

Wild Indigo: College & Clinton


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