gigi’s food binge of the week.

Article #002

I need to start off this Food Binge Critique with three letters. O – M – G. Orgasm on a plate people. I repeat, ORGASM ON A PLATE. This restaurant is Rustic Italian food at it’s best…. It’s literally an emotional eater’s dream….

Just recently, my two loves Stevie-&-Aaron (yes, two people but all one word) and I decided we wanted to switch up our bi-monthly dinner spot and head over to a different venue for our pigout fest.

We walked over to Dundas West and headed into this new joint called Campagnolo. The place had a casual, homey feel to it with large wood tables and pretty chandeliers. Very simple, not at all pretentious.

We were greeted by the witty and kooky host, who completely reminded me of Ari Gold’s assistant, Lloyd (if you don’t know, you better google Entourage stat) who told us that the place was also completely booked, unless we wanted to sit at the bar by the entrance.

I answered with a HELL MUTHA F&%*ING NO and sulked for a few minutes as the guys suggested we go for pork sandwiches (are you effing kidding me?!!?).

So, ‘Lloyd’ checked his clipboard, made a few calls and BOOM we got the best seats in the house. Chef’s Table!!

We made the strut over to the chef’s table to be greeted by two hottie’s in the kitchen busy at work. Although the space was small, Hottie #1 (Chef Craig) and Hottie #2 (‘Other Chef’ Nigel – I think) worked well together, had fun and were never in each other’s way. As we watched the boys prepare delicious appetizers and main courses for the hungry guests, I found myself hypnotized by the sounds of chopping and frying and boiling and grilling and draining and stirring…and whoa, I just got hypnotized again.

The menu had a unique line up of Italian inspired app’s and mains for us to choose from. Our food was delectable, delicious and heaven on a plate. I would highly recommend the fresh buratta cheese served on garlic toast topped with roasted grapes or the house-made baguette and gougères as an appetizer. Follow it with either the Wild Boar, Spareribs, Tripe and Meatballs on soft Polenta or my favourite, House-made Spaghetti a L’Amatriciana.

All in all, good food and hot dudes making it.

10/10 for Campagnolo!!

832 Dundas St W. on the NE corner of Euclid, in the heart of little Portugal


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