the best burger i ever ate.

i’m sure everyone has their opinion on the BEST BURGER (add your comments if you wish, but it won’t matter… this one will still crush yours). and i would put money behind that.

up until now, i’ve “liked” and sometimes even “really really liked” many burgers… but no burger has made me CRAVE it.  and possibly (don’t judge me) plan a trip to L.A. around it.

please meet UMAMI.
(handsome little guy huh?)

this baby won the “Burger of the Year” from GQ magazine. c’mon – that’s dope.

the magazine’s food writer Alan Richman doesn’t even care much for the burger culture…. but says this about umami’s founder adam fleischman:

“his face belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the burger world.”


Los Angeles, CA


One Comment Add yours

  1. Stefanie says:

    I will now go to LA justtttttt for this purpose.. *yum!

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