heaven delivered.

anyone who knows me well, knows i take my pizza VERY seriously… i mean, it’s something i think i could totally live on (breakfast, lunch and dinner)… so it’s no surprise that choosing the best delivery pizza, wasn’t an easy task.

but after many game nights, late nights, and lazy days…
the winner is…
*drum roll*

King St: 416.599.9995

why? quite simple.
you don’t feel like a lard ass after eating it.

it’s perfectly thin, crispy and non-greasy.
plus they use fresh ingredients (imagine?)

my order:
extra large whole wheat think crust spinotta.
[fresh sinach, herbed tomatoes, ricotta cheese, mozarella, parmigiano, extra virgin olive oil & oregano]
throw on a little terroni hot pepper love and you are golden.

perfect when it get’s there, even better in the AM.


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