plastic beach.

first off, excuse the crappy bb pics but really… that’s all i can bring to a show. there’s no way im squeezin a camera in my jean pocket.

the gorillaz show was the AWESOME… and as much as i hate seeing shows at ACC, when you have floors, that’s the only exception.

first of all, N.E.R.D. opened for them, so that was a bonus (we’ll pretend i didn’t miss almost their entire show because i was down the street drinking…) but what i caught was all about music and peace – so what’s not to love?
plus Pharrell’s lookin fly.

onto gorillaz. thank GOD they didn’t play behind a cartoon screen. we were worried when we got there how that was all going to pan out.
lets get to the deets – what i didn’t know, but now i do – is that one of the guitarsists and the bassist were from The Clash (Mick Jones & Paul Simonen) with special guests that included De La Soul, Bootie Brown and legendary Bobby Womack.  but obviously the energy behind is came from Blur’s front man Damon Albarn.. who was all heart, ALL night.

musically & visually the show was stimulating for sure, although i wish the crowd got more into it and errupted into more of a party. i feel like most people (even on floors) were restrained. and who likes a controlled crowd? that sucked.

still love em though.


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