notes from Santorini & Mykonos.

There are no street names here, just winding roads that take you from village to village… and if you’re looking for something specific, directions usually involve things like “turn right at the Church, then you’ll see a Tavern… after the old tree, turn right and keep going until the road ends”.  A lovely reminder of an authentically European way of life.

The pace on the islands, is as slow as the pink sunset… at first, waiting for a store owner to finish his cigarette and conversation before tending to you is bizarre, but after a couple of days you join the same easy going lifestyle and soon find yourself needing to take a nap after a day in the sun and some wine at a coast-side cafe. Oh the charmed life.

The food? Incredible. The ingredients are so fresh, that every bite tastes like a little piece of heaven – whether it’s a classic Greek salad with fresh island feta and juicy tomatoes, or a quick Spanikopita grab at the local bakery. Everything is delicious. If you go, stay away from tourist places, and ask the locals about authentic Greek kitchens… you won’t be disappointed.

In Greece, you can live on cheese, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes and wine. And apparently, cigarettes. But that’s only to break up those long days working hard… no wait. Wrong country. Out here, at 3pm everyone takes a break to eat and chat with their families, take a nap, and return to their business after a few hours.

To describe these two islands in words, is sinful – and probably the reason why it’s photographed so much.
I won’t try to do it justice with language… and instead will let these few images speak for themselves.

And lucky for you, I made a  list of places you MUST go to, if you visit Santorini or Mykonos.
Places I will never forget.

The village of Imerovigli
Eros Private Beach
Metaxy Mas restaurant
Grigorios Fish taverna
Azur Cafe
NRG Creperie
Casablanca Soul Bar
Asensa Hotel & Spa
Afroessa Villas to stay
Fira Bakery
The town of Oia
The village of Akrotidis

La Residence Villas to stay
The beach of Kalafatis
Flora’s Fish taverna
Psarou Beach
Namos beach restaurant
Al Fresco Italian restaurant
Caprice bar


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate says:

    Amazing pictures!! I can’t wait to go back. Next time you’re in Mykonos check out Kalo Livadi. It’s a great beach. Busy, but with the most beautiful water and best swimming ever!

  2. gardenia says:

    beautiful pictures, love them. I am from China and visited Santorini 2 months ago. your pictures are much better than mine.Thank you.

    1. Aleksandra says:

      santorini was the easiest place on earth to create beautiful photos.
      that place is so heavenly it was point and shoot.
      thanks 🙂 xx

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