today’s rant…

after two beautiful weeks in the greek islands, im back to dreary reality among rain, wind, and work. poop.
tonight, i will post some photo’s from our trip there, and attempt to include some words – even though they really can’t do justice to the heaven on earth.

one of my favorite things about travel though, is buying british glamour, bazaar, and elle. magazines the size of a novel, that travel nicely… and more importantly are so chic to bring to the beach and leaf through as you’re drinking your second bottle of white wine… (why did i come back again?) i’ll save that for the greece post.

anyhoodle, there’s SO much great fashion in the british mags, i plucked a bunch of ideas out and will share this week!

in the interim… just for something fun to look at, and dream of today:

check out these martin magiela mirror shoesies… (what?!)…

how much more gorge can you be when your feet reflect it?


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  1. Nadia says:


    and i’m glad you’re back. misery loves company 😛

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