well since everyone’s talkin about tiff… so will i.

it’s kindly slowly ruining my life right now, but in a good way.
just means i’m busy which is always a good thing.

i am looking forward to a few of our events, which is nice… here they are:

jojo flores (always ’cause we love him)… hangin’ with our boy morgan shim… LOUIE VEGA (hello?)… being on the inside with instyle (thats cool)… being a part of onexone and bisha *gorge*… slash.. yes slash *plays air guitar*…  DAVID MORALES (so good)… mstrkrft (which will def. keep me from working the next morning)… a hush hush party i can’t talk about yet… mine and jeff’s little project: jojo + black coffee who PS is south africa’s dj of the year and this is his first ever canadian appearance (THAT is dope).. on the same night as buddha bar (shall DEF be a long night that one) ……

and then. on the last day of tiff, i fly out to greece for two weeks. most amazing time for it.
everyone will hate me. blackberry left behind (yes i’m serious).


i just saw these photos which are undoubtedly from the best shoot of life.
*plans fall look*


One Comment Add yours

  1. Andy McParrot says:

    I love the jeans!! hooray for wide-leg 🙂
    Have a blasty blast in Greece darling!

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