hit the right key.

i haven’t really written about music lately, but that’s because it’s been a while since something really struck me.
until the black keys came along.


the blues rock duo from ohio, formed the band in 2001.
dan auerbach (vocals, guitar) & patrick carney (drums, producer)

my favorite song, is “your touch”. makes me immediately feel like a sex goddess of the rock n roll world, and inspires me to walk into a crowded bar with thigh high boots, kick someone’s ass, and then makeout with my boyfriend on the pool table.
sidenote: i also love that dan & patrick are totally nerdy, but make the hottest music.

luckily enough, i also work for ink entertainment, which has koolhaus in it’s venue roster and where we booked the black keys show on august 3rd and 4th. 2 sold out shows, an incredible energy, and a kick ass concert.
i went with my music bestie and fellow black keys groupie, nadia.
read her take on the band here:

here are some wonderfully blurry blackberry photo’s from the night.


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