groupie life.

everyone has that one favorite band that they drop everything for.
here’s my shrine to zepp.

the most difficult decision was probably choosing my favorite song;
but  this one always makes me feel the best.

which is also why i love TCV… very influenced by my boys.
and who wouldn’t go see john paul jones, dave grohl, and josh homme jam it out live.

and kind of unrelated, but still about music… i CANNOT stop listening to XX.
like, i try to. and i cannot. it just seems to suit any mood.

go love them immediately, if not sooner:

and ps, if you can – go to lollapalooza. the lineup is ridic. see it here:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. nadiae55 says:

    HELL YES to all of the above. if you dont believe me.

  2. Andy says:

    Since I will stop pointing out similarities (because it’s getting scary!) I will only say that if I ever get a hot tub time machine, I am grabbing you asap so we can go back and see Zep. Oh, and win the lottery too.

    And thank you for posting links to new music. I love that stuff.

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