never skip breakfast. or brunch.

we take brunch very seriously in toronto. it’s very personal.
we all swear by our favorite spot to get an eggs beni or a pile of fluffy pancakes.

here is a list of some brunch faves in toronto… spots that will make you feel warm & fuzzy, that  will silence that grumbling tummy, and that will cure even the worst of hangovers.

try em all out and find your beloved… and if you have gems of your own; lemme know.
i’m always down to stuff my face.

cafe la gaffe [24 baldwin street]
school bakery & cafe [75 fraser street]
the drake cafe [1150 queen street west]
shanghai cowgirl [538 queen street west]
the hoof cafe [923 dundas street west]
le petite dejeuner [191 king street east]
swan restaurant [892 queen street west]
easy breakfast [1645 queen street west]
saving grace [907 dundas street west]
bonjour brioche [812 queen street east]
table 17 [782 queen street east]
aunties and uncles [74 lippincott street]
okay okay [1128 queen street east]
edward levesque kitchen [1288 queen street east]
boom breakfast & co [808 college street]
niagara street cafe [169 niagara street]
flo’s diner [70 yorkville avenue]

[photos by moi]


5 Comments Add yours

  1. GiGi says:

    cafe la gafffffffffffffffe!!!!!!!!!! my life…

  2. Dre says:

    School. A+ period. oh and Rootbeer Chocolate Cake- need I say more

  3. ejaygee says:

    What about Lola’s Commissary? (634 Church Street) best brunch menu

    1. Aleksandra says:

      never been! but thanks es….. noted.

  4. Paolina says:

    Lola’s is yummy. Villa in Bloor West Village is great. Try the baked eggs with goat cheese. I die!

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