stepping into the new brassaii.

a couple of days ago, i attended the re-opening of brassaii (461 king street west) and there is a lot to be said of the newly redesigned space that used to be my second home for a long time.. one which also housed our events for over 4 years. being just down the street from my house, brassaii wasn’t just a restaurant… we worked there, ate breakfast there, had meetings there, and just before it was handed over to new ownership – had our engagement party there. so you can see how i would walk into the “new” brassaii open minded, but cautious. after all, it was close to my heart.

the original was bare, lofty and  sleek. something you would see in new york city.
the courtyard? easily the best outdoor spot in the city. and a favorite among torontonians.

[pictured below – the original brassaii]

so i went to the opening and was pleasantly surprised.
it can’t be compared because it’s not about being better; it’s different. and it’s beautiful.
the face lift transformed the original space into a resto-lounge composed of a cafe area, dining room, and bar. although the new brassaii wants to retain the breakfast/lunch/dinner crowd, there is a definate direction into nightlife.
some cool tidbits? a newly discovered elevator shaft and massive imported antique egyptian doors.
and the food? i only had a taste so i will have to drop by for a full experience; but the chef is said to be quite talented.

[pictured below – the newly reovated brassaii]

go check it out for yourselves and see what you think!
and although i will miss the simplicity and energy of the original, this striking space is definately worth a shot.
on a personal note: the name should have changed at about the same time everything else did.

in any case; welcome to the neighbourhood!


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