photo project: shoot 1: gigi.

the beginning of a photo project that will turn into a coffee table book of portraits of all my girlfriends.
because girlfriends are just second sisters.

here’s a few of the hundreds that were taken that cold winter day on the rooftop of the under-construction templar hotel on adelaide street west.

big thanks nadia for the awesome styling!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Nadia says:

    FANTASTIC. it helps when you’re model and photographer are awesome and gorge and awesome.
    love to you both xx

  2. GiGi says:

    I HAD SOOOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!! mooshki i have more ideas…

    1. Aleksandra says:

      i’m sure..

  3. Chantal Stanford says:

    I’m amazed all your girlfriends agreed to do this. Maybe i’m just cynical. BUt it does seem like an interesting topic and a very interesting subject.

    The past girlfriend themes is intriguing but perhaps the photographs can represent each of your relationships with each of the girls rather than just use them as models.

    1. Aleksandra says:

      just want to see each of their personalities come through, and in that… my relationship with them will as well.
      i’m going to add pieces of things we write to each other too… so it’ll be like a little peak into how we all interact!
      i’m just doing this for fun though! and to have something to hold on to.

  4. kseverny says:

    great shots.
    full of personality.

  5. Andy says:

    GORRRRGEOUSSSSS!!!!!!!! … Gige… amazzzinnggg!!!

  6. Stefanie/Gorge says:

    dude.. AMAZING pics.. like WHOA!

    I want to see more!!! and I can’t wait to set up something with you ❤

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