♥ enjoy a lovely weekend at a charming spot ♥

From quaint, dim restaurants with incredible food, to candle lit bars with a cozy vibe…. it’s a guaranteed good time whether you’re on a date or out with some friends on a cold winter night.

Happy Love Day Toronto ♥

Buca: http://www.buca.ca/
Fuzion: http://www.fuzionexperience.com/
Kalendar: http://www.kalendar.com/
Spuntini’s: http://www.spuntini.ca/
Trevor Kitchen: http://www.trevorkitchenandbar.com/
Lolita’s Lust: http://www.lolitaslust.ca/
Mildred’s Temple Kitchen: http://www.templekitchen.com/
Sotto Voce: 595 College Street
Foxely: http://www.foxleybistro.com/
Ame: http://amecuisine.com/
Grace: http://www.gracerestaurant.ca/
La Pallette: http://www.lapalette.ca/
Table 17: http://www.table17.ca/
The Boiler House: http://boilerhouse.ca/
Soma Chocolate Bar: http://www.somachocolate.com/
Niagara Street Cafe: http://www.niagarastreetcafe.com/
Swirl: http://www.swirltoronto.com/
Souz Dal: http://www.souzdal.com/
KiWe: http://www.kiwekitchen.com/
Pantages Hotel Bar: http://www.pantageshotel.com/
Charlie’s Gallery: 112 Harbord Street
Cabin Five: http://www.thefifth.com/main.htm
Watusi: http://www.watusi.biz/?file=kop1.php


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