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September 18, 2015

If you’re a head-over-heels-in-love-with-your-kid mama like me, you know you can spend all day (and your entire phone memory) on photos and videos of your babe. And hey, that’s what Dropbox was created for.

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It dawned on me however, that I don’t have very many of us together.
And let’s be honest, you don’t exactly want to take a selfie mid day sans makeup with traces of avocado in your hair.

The truth is, later in life it’s likely your offspring will cherish that the most; childhood photos with you IN them.
So get in front of the camera once in a while and don’t always hide behind it.
Also if you’re slightly on the morbid side like myself, if something were to happen to you (god forbid), you wouldn’t want to leave them with nothing would you?

Here are some photographs my talented and fabulous friend Ariane Laezza took of Oscar & I at home, in our comfort zone and in the place we love most. Ariane, thank you for capturing my heart!

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

And when you can’t get that selfie looking right, get some help!
Some local photogs you can connect with (inc moi!) below –

unnamed (5)

Aleksandra Jassem // @aleksjassem
Arianze Laezza // @arianelaezza
Brittany Knapik // @brittanyknapik_photo

And for studio shots worthy of a spread in Vogue Kids:
Mango Studios


September 16, 2015


I couldn’t have said it better than my #REBELMAMA sista does.
Read on to see why having kids IS cool. SWEAR. *pours wine*

Originally posted on THE REBEL MAMA:

I have to be honest with you guys… Sometimes having a kid (or multiple kids, I’d imagine) blows.  Yeah I said it.  There are mornings when you look at your clock and the numbers 5:30 stare back at you, mockingly saying, “hey, you signed up for this” – which makes you wish for a brief moment that you could go back in time and read the fine print on the baby contract before agreeing to be responsible for another human’s well being for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. There are days when $6 organic strawberries get launched at your crisp white walls and you just sit there pondering the irony in the fact that the thing that’s capable of annoying you the most is the thing that YOU created.  You get pinched repeatedly, your entire wardrobe has at some point been used as a tissue for a runny nose…

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no brainer.

September 15, 2015

Rock'N'Roll Pilot 101

Vinyl, a new drama series from Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence Winter, debuts in 2016 on HBO.

stay here.

August 24, 2015

I’d love to post photos & musings from my weekend staycation but the reality is, I was too busy relaxing to document any of it.

Besides the one photo of a teacup taken in the lobby upon check-in & a pile of momentos, all I have is the most wonderful memories of time well spent (wasted).

But we all know “the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time”.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

Highlights included brunch at Peter Pan, drinks at the Sky Yard, dinner at JaBistro, drinks at DEQ, a Hammam Steam and Deep Tissue Massage at ShangriLa, drinks at Bosk, lunch at Libretto, and a movie date at TIFF Bell Lightbox (also known as: things we had time to do before we were parents rammed into one weekend)

What was a mere 36 hours in our own city felt like an entire week in someone else’s. And it was glorious.


August 13, 2015

Because what woman doesn’t like to secretly pretend she’s French?

My Dear
I brought back a little something for you.
I hide a lot of gems in my handbag … … but where is it?
You see, my handbag is a mystery, even to me.

A Girl
You know what these girls have in common?
The joy of being a woman. It’s a magical thing, a secret je ne sais quoi that must be the essence, the spirit of these girls.

Do you know what ‘flou’ is?
The magic of those dresses is that they flow so divinely.
They hang so beautifully and naturally, as if the wind were sketching the silhouette …

Stay Connected with @aleksjassem on instagram | #gorgemess

café OLE!

July 31, 2015

Attention Coffee & Art Aficionado’s!

Just recently fell upon the instagram account of artist Giulia Bernardelli who magically transforms coffee spills into majestic works of art. And it doesn’t stop there. This creative mind sees beauty and potential in all sorts of kitchen ingredients… such as spices, nutella and icecream.

But I’ll just let her work speak for itself.
(Follow @bernulia)

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Me Time | The Spoiled One Feature

July 31, 2015

REPOST from the Spoiled One Blog


“Me Time” has changed. Mostly because before having a child, there was no need to label it. It was just there… available and abundant. All time was me time, as there was noone else that really imposed on it in the way your baby does.

(Husbands and friends don’t count as me-time killers)

These days “Me Time” is carefully planned time. Purposely organized and probably the most magnificently fulfilling of events. Tom Ford famously stated: Time and Silence are the most luxurious things today. Never have truer words been spoken.

As a human being – and definitely as a mother, you owe it to yourself to allow periods of relaxation. Whatever it may be, it all counts to a better mental state.

The range is anywhere from uninterrupted reading of one article, to booking a weekend away somewhere. (Anywhere).

The point is you need a guilt free check out, so you can return better.

As moms, we have a million things to in a day and love being with our children to no end. But when you are granted your precious time, don’t waste it on feeling bad… Embrace and enjoy it!

My personal favourite Me Times include:

Getting my hair did. Every woman zones out when the shampoo hits their head and the magician at the salon massages the scalp, taking you to another planet. You don’t have to do it often, but do it.

Having breakfast / lunch / dinner alone. When I can, I allow yourself some time to dine alone. I promise it’s much more chic than having sweet potatoes thrown at your face and a toddler pointing and laughing. (They are mean these little people)

Date Nights (duh). Getting away for a dinner or drinks on a summer night amidst adult human beings and just hanging out like old times, is probably my favourite way to spend my Me Time. Because it’s still Me Time your guy is sharing it.

Gardening. Ok…. I don’t actually “garden” per se… but just playing in the back yard and giving it some love is something very healing. I guarantee your mind will not stray if you’re focused on that.

Drinking a glass (or three) of red wine and just staring blankly into space. We all need this ladies.

Taking a short trip. A 1-2 night getaway changes the pace gets you back refreshed and ready to rumble. And a staycation in your own city definitely counts, the important ingredient here is a HOTEL and its room service.

Painting, taking photographs, doodling, writing…. creative activities are so fulfilling and don’t even have to take long. 10 minutes spent adding to a painting is time well spent.

Me Time to ME… means no matter how large or small of a timeframe, everyone needs to shut down and come back to themselves.

Ultimately, the child wins with a centered parent. And you can’t dispute that.

postcards from DC

July 3, 2015

I had the the lovely opportunity to pay the Nations Capital a visit last month, and must say it’s an all around great city with a warm and welcoming small town vibe that a Canadian can really appreciate.
Minus the unmarked matte black choppers of course.
But at least they’re glam.

Don’t Leave DC Without

– dinner at Lupe Verde
– a walk through Meridian Hill Park on a Sunday
– waving at the white house and secretly hoping to see Michelle
– a bar night at Madam’s Organ in Adam’s Morgan (clever huh)
– brunch at Open City in Woodley Park
– geeking out at the Newseum
– stuffing face at El Rey Tacos on U Street







*I call the above photo: “gee thanks”






home life

June 17, 2015

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how to be a mom (and still be a virgo)

May 16, 2015

Inspired by the thoughts & ramblings of myself and fellow Virgo #rebelmama Nikita (follow @ooh_nikita)


Wear dark shades to the playground in case of sudden unwelcome eye contact.

Continue to place the same level of importance on style, beauty and general maintenance. Virgo mamas wouldn’t be caught DEAD in a Britney getup of sweatpants and zit cream.

When your baby naps, you meditate. And by meditate I mean clean.

Use play dates to brainstorm and strategize. When the kids play, bonus.

Join various mom groups on facebook and proceed to roll your eyes at almost everything.

Be your moody self where it really matters. “I can’t deal with socializing you today my child. Let’s go sit on a patio by ourselves and observe. I’ll have the pinot noir”.

Organize everything, including diapers, with aesthetic in mind. (Packaging is lazy).

Prepare your home to be photo shoot ready every time someone comes over to visit the babe. This includes  fancy scented candles. (Cheapo ones only enhance the diaper genie experience).

When you’re lazy, be NEXT LEVEL lazy and lay lifelessly on the play mat all day calling your kid back. We work best in extremes.


Make lists like it’s a national sport. And if it’s a grocery list, organize by store layout. (Produce first.)

Take your baby’s clothes off at mealtime. The best stains are the ones that never happened.

Put children’s books away by size. Common sense.

Make cleaning a fun game. (Disclaimer: leaving your toddler with a lint roller and a cat may result in unwarranted scraps)

Have your baby’s wardrobe follow society rules. We don’t do public places in our PJ onesie. There’s a time and place for everything.

Get back to the grind as soon as mat leave is up.. and add some personal projects too. A busy mommy is a mommy less likely to hang out on Pinterest all day.

Don’t lose your cool. Chilling the f*ck out is the best ingredient to a successful day with bebe.

We cherish our lifestyle and don’t abandon it after childbirth. Standard Hotel first, Disney all-inclusive cruise NEVER.

Lastly, be sure to link up with at least one fellow Virgo mama so you can trade obsessive compulsive details of every day mama life and strive to reach the impossible: Perfection. Dammit, we’ll come close.



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